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Founded in 2012, we are a team of highly trusted and experienced professionals who are dedicated to removing your domestic and business commercial waste and disposing of it responsibly. As an alternative to skip hire, we provide a more complete junk removal & disposal service.

We are a waste clearance company, currently covering a 30-mile radius of Nottingham. However, we will also consider collections outside of our coverage area on request, dependent on your requirements.

We are a reliable and efficient rubbish removal specialists, who have completed thousands of collections. We are proud to say that we currently divert over 95% of the waste we remove from landfill.

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About Waste

Waste is a very natural part of life that can be accumulated and take up valuable space, from the years of junk built up in the garage, to the junk from the recent property revamp. Junk can build up without us even knowing. When we do finally decide to dump it, it is often done without much thought; most likely we will throw it into a skip or call up any random man and van service. Unfortunately this is not a sensible solution as a lot of the waste may end up going to a landfill.

However, here at Waste2Clear, we do things a little different. Waste2Clear is the easiest way to take back your space and place – and leave you with a smile on your face!

Why Choose Us?

Let’s take a look at a statistic; did you know that the UK dumps about half of its rubbish into landfill sites, whilst Germany buries just 1% in holes in the ground? It’s not just because of a German love of recycling, they have actually developed their entire eco-system so that it re-uses a lot of their waste to generate power. That is literally turning muck into brass! Meanwhile, here in the UK, we are quite literally burying money.

Our mission at Waste2Clear is to contribute significantly towards Britain sending only 1% of its waste to landfill, through a careful and considered approach towards waste disposal.

Use Waste2Clear for your junk removal needs and have the peace of mind to know that your waste is always carefully managed and disposed of in an efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.