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Your old furniture, electronics & appliances, carpets & flooring, clothes, toys, general household waste, garden waste, wood and almost anything and everything from any where on the premises of homes and businesses.
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As an environmentaly conscious company, we at Waste2Clear? aim to play our part in caring for the environment so that our future generations can look forward to a brighter future. As more and more of our clients are also environmentaly conscious, we are currently providing our clients a recycle/reuse rate of over 70%... and to the best of our ability aim to increase this rate to the highest rate possible.

As in the proverb "waste not, want not" we are making our best efforts to reuse as much of the items we are asked to dispose by our clients as possible, like, donating items to charities which profoundly reduces the amount that ends up in landfills. We use licensed waste transfer stations who in turn separate the waste and supply to various industries, For example:

  • Used concrete - Broken down into hardcore can be used as the base material in road construction.
  • Used timber - Washed, treated and recycled into kitchen worktops.
  • Used tyres - Broken down and made into equestrian tracks and padding for childrens play grounds