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What We Take? 
Your old furniture, electronics & appliances, carpets & flooring, clothes, toys, general household waste, garden waste, wood and almost anything and everything from any where on the premises of homes and businesses.
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What we take?
  • Furniture- sofas, sofa beds, beds, mattresses, cupboards, wardrobes, desks, chairs, dining tables, shelving, office chairs, filing cabinets
  • Electronics & appliances- fridges, freezers, microwave ovens, washers, dryers, kettles, fryers, televisions, video/dvd players, computers, printers, photo copiers, fax machines
  • Garden waste- branches, hedges & cuttings, plants & shrubs, tree waste, leaves, grass, soil, compost, slabs, sheds, green houses, stones, gravel
  • Wood- timber, fencing, doors, kitchen units, work tops, plywood, MDF, firewood
  • Construction waste- bathroom suites, flooring, tiles, bricks, concrete, plaster board, windows, plaster, breeze blocks, cement, hardcore
  • Miscellaneous- toys, clothes, lawnmowers, boxes, carpets, rugs, bedding, kitchenware, bikes, books & magazines, packaging materials, tools, mirrors, pictures

And almost anything and everything possible......

Unfortunately we can not remove certain hazardous materials. There are certain items that are technically classified as hazardous, on the basis of how we are required to dispose of them, which we can collect and these include air conditioning units, computer monitors, televisions and fridges or freezers. However, because these items have to be disposed of separately and the disposal costs are higher, we add a supplement charge to your bill. If you are unsure as to whether your waste is hazardous or not and whether we can remove it for you, please call us for clarification.